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Brokerage Services
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Railroader Trucking is a licensed freight brokerage service. We maintain partnerships with many shippers across the country and work to connect them with freight movers like you. If you are company looking for freight shipping options, or a freight mover looking for loads, we have had success as the connecting intermediary and would love to work with you. 

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Lumber Moves

Railroader Trucking specializes in lumber freight shipping from mills and lumber companies to construction projects all over the United States. From shingles and siding, to treated lumber and flooring, Railroader Trucking is experienced and proficient with loading, unloading and hauling this precious freight. 

Specialized Freight

Railroader Trucking also hauls specialized freight using our truck and trailers or one of our partners' resources. Let our export logistics specialists help with your specialized freight options by contacting us today!

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